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~Capturing Your Child or Teen ~

When it comes to photographing your child or teen know that you will receive precious and loving memories of your little one or your teen. Whether you have a child or teen I will be sure to capture their personality and their love to the world & nature perfectly. Every kid is different and every teen is different ! Each session is personalized; no session is the same. So  don't wait for the perfect moment or when they are older ! Book a session and leave the rest to me :)  

As a photographer, I will do anything to get the perfect photos of your child :) Whether it be putting on some Disney tunes or dancing to baby shark I will do anything to get a smile on your child's face ! If they are shy I will wait as long as needed until they warm up to me ! If they are grumpy or not into pictures I will find something whether its a song or a Disney clip that they love or a marvel super hero ! I will do absolutely anything  to make sure your child is happy and smiling ! Also I will be sure to capture your child to and capture them & their personality on how I see it ! 

If your teen isn't a photo kind of person just know I will make it a quick session for them and capture them perfectly for you ! 

Therefore, Choose Sara Anne-Schmidt Photography  for your child or teen portraits !

If you want photos of your children I will be happy to photograph them ! 



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