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Photo Credit : Sara Cooney Photography

Hello, my name is Sara and welcome to my photography website. I am 24 years old. I was born and raised in Rhode Island. I grew up here all my life and never moved. I am a true Rhode Islander. I love being near the ocean and I love a nice sunset at the beach. My all time favorite vacation spot would have to be hands down Block Island. Block Island has been a family vacation spot since I was little, and it has became one of my favorite places to go in the summer to.  I am a college graduate from the Community College of Rhode Island with my associates degree in general business and I also received my certificate in Marketing. One of my dreams was to own my own photography business and I achieved it. However, not many know that another dream of mine is to be a photographer for a marketing firm or sports marketing team. In addition, maybe be a photographer for a professional sports team. 


As a photographer, I do not only want to create  photos that can last a life time for you but I want to capture the silly and  spontaneous moments , the once in a lifetime moment , the intimate moments and the moments that will be become cherished & memorable & celebrated for forever. 

I am not only here to click my camera but I am here for you ! I am here to capture these special moments in your life and I am here as a friend not only as your photographer. If you need me to help you with outfits, making sure you hair & make up look good I am your girl :) If your are shy or need some confidence I am there cheering you on as I take your photo. To the families with young children if your worried about the photographer getting upset with not having patience for little ones... Don't worry I am not that kind of photographer ! I am patient and will take as much time as needed for your little ones !  If they are shy & need time to warm up I am 100% okay with that if they are fussy or tired I take all of those into account and do my absolute best to make the photos quick & easy for them. If they love Disney songs like Frozen or Lion King or any other Disney film I will play Disney music and dance for them to make them smile :)  I will do anything just to grab a smile from your child :)

I did not start my photography business until 2017. I have been in business for four years. I am so grateful for all my returning clients and new clients. Photography to me is not just about capturing a photo for you; its about capturing a moment in time that you would never have had the chance to look back on again. I love capturing the emotions too. Also its about having fun and being yourself. I always think of my clients first, and I always make sure they are comfortable and feel good before going in front of the camera. I love talking to them and make conversations as it helps get everyone comfortable behind the camera. Sometimes I even will turn some music up so we can have a great session of singing and dancing ! When you choose me as your photographer know that your choosing a fun, loving, and selfless person / photographer. Therefore, lets create some picture worthy memories that will last a life time! So Book With Me Today !                                                                                                                                            


Love, Sara Anne-Schmidt Photography


Here are some seven facts about me:

1. I love soccer & basketball !

2. I love animals especially cats and dogs so definitely bring them if you want to include them in your session :)

3.  I am allergic to peanut butter, any nuts, and bees!!

4. I have a fear of bees so if you see me run or freeze you will know why!

5.  I love icecream !

6. I was featured in RI Monthly in the October Issue in 2018-2019! 

7. Not only do I want to photograph you but I want to become friends and hopefully be your go to photographer :) 































































































































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